Spark Ventures

Leading conglomerates in Nepal with a history of over 40 years.

While 40 years seems like a long time, we at Spark Ventures believe that we are just starting.

A ‘Partner of Choice’ for Business In Nepal

We are one of Nepal’s leading industrial conglomerate with a hard-earned reputation for excellent business practices and products’ quality with its operational headquarters in the bustling metropolis of Kathmandu, Nepal.

Distribution Network

We have a chain of network to deliver right products and services to the right people.

Strong Investment

Our investment is strong with stable backup from our valued investors.

Industry Expertise

Our 40 years of experience makes us the industry expert in different domains.

Diversified Investment

We diversify our investment in different areas for the optimum growth.

Public Relationships

We believe in creating lasting relationships with the public and people working with us.

Manufacturing Facilities

We produce and manufacture wide variety of products through our different investments.

A Family, Not Just Portfolio

Our different business are not just standalone projects rather part of the larger picture, a larger vision.

We as a family of companies strive for sustainable growth and economic development of the nation.

Our wide range of investments from manufacturing to finance, automobile to trading, all coalesce as one United family.

Visionary Leaders

Change is the only thing that does not change but its in your power to change what you think is needed.

Gaurav Goel

Rahul Agrawal

Shailesh Goenka